Roles Available


Always wanted to paint the world with your creativity, well here’s your chance!
From designing exciting Festival Catalogue, to social media posts, emailers, website, marketing communication, you can do as much as you want to!

JFF Design


Get a chance to speak and coordinate with various stake holders and be on top of things like submission of materials and films etc.


JFF Fillm Prog


Make you magic wand work as you’ll be the one in charge to ensure smooth coordination with Speakers, Guests, Crew etc for the entire event, it’s documentation etc.

JFF Artist Speaker


Put your writing ninja skills to some great use!
Write Articles, coordinate with the PR team, supervise and ensure smooth communication among departments.

JFF Additional


The real life line these day!
Help us reach out to everyone out there… from assisting the digital marketing to PR, show your prowess and creativity through various campaigns for the film festival.

JFF Social


Let the tech bug inside you ensure the smooth functioning of various tech aspects related to website updation, emails, backend tasks, films and registration etc.

JFF Tech Team


Move as fast as you can and assist the event management teams with various ground activities for the film festival. Check your city!

JFF On Ground


And if you think your Jack of All and Master of Many, we’ll show us your Naruto side and just hop on!

JFF others

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