A young village girl in northeast India wants to start her own rock band.
Rima Das is an Indian filmmaker best known for her film, Village Rockstars (2017)[1][2][3][4] which won several National and international awards.[5][6] She won India’s National Best Film and Best Editor Awards, announced on 13 April 2018 by Government of India appointed jury headed by filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor
Bhanita Das, Basanti Das

Movie : Vodka Dairies

Duration : 1hr 57min

Director : Kushal Srivastava

Country : India

Language : Hindi

Synopsis : A series of murders brings ACP Ashwini Dixit and his junior Sub Ir. Ankit Dayal to the club Vodka Diaries in Manali. Three carefree and flirtatious young men are murdered on the same night in the presence of three mysterious women. Vodka Diaries seems to be cynosure of the mystery. ACP arrives to interrogate and search for clues before the killer can strike again. As the investigation deepens, his wife goes missing. Ashwini is on a quest to unravel some dreadful secret.

Five friends struggle to find a place to play football in Mumbai.

Durga, a north Indian migrant and a Keralite youth named Kabeer are running away on midnight. The hapless “Durga” encounters a cross section of the society through the rest of the night.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (born 8 April 1977) is an Indian film director and poet
Rajshri Deshpande AS Durga
Kannan Nayar AS Kabeer

Dan (Varun Dhawan) is living the life of any carefree 21 year old, revolving around a bunch of friends and fellow hotel interns who feed off each other’s everyday moments, their ups and downs. Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) is one such intern at the same hotel, who at times is at a receiving end of Dan’s audaciousness. Life goes on until a sudden turn of events smashes Dan and Shiuli’s lives together, into a bond that’s unlike any 21 year olds. The emotional connection between them goes through a metamorphoses that brings out a form of love that’s unlike any other eventually leading to an internal awakening. October is not a Love Story, but rather a story about love.

A young working urban couple is overwhelmed with the birth of a baby girl and find that parenthood comes with its own challenges.
Rakhee Sandilya is an Indian writer, and documentary filmmaker, and will be making her debut as a feature director with the film Ribbon

Every night at 10, Kolkata tunes into radio to listen to ‘Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz’ – an episodic series of unrequited love stories hosted by RJ Alfaz who, despite his tremendous following, prefers staying detached and anonymous. Among his many fans is the boisterous Archana, a girl working at a creative agency – which designs branded memes. She is leukodermic but lives life to the fullest. They meet; or rather talk, for the first time over a misplaced call, when Archana accidentally dials Alfaaz’s number, while trying to connect with her latest blind date. Thus begins an interesting relationship between two unlikely characters, one overly compensating, but in denial of her present, and the other buried under a dark secret of his past.

Ee.Ma.Yau (Mal: ഈശോ മറിയം യൗസേപ്പേ) is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language satire film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and written by P. F. Mathews.It stars Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Pauly Valsan, Bitto Davis, Kainakary Thangaraj Dileesh Pothan, Arya Salim in the main roles.The film had its premiere on 30 November 2017 and was theatrically released on 4 May 2018. The film revolves around the death and funeral of an older man from the Latin Catholic or Roman Catholic community in Chellanam, Ernakulam district. Lijo Jose Pellissery won the Best Director Award at the 48th Kerala State Film Awards for Ee.Ma.Yau. The film won the Best Director and Best Actor (Chemban Vinod Jose) awards at the 49th International Film Festival of India. It also won two awards at the International Film Festival of Kerala viz. the NETPAC Award for Best Asian film in Competition and the Golden Crow Pheasant Award for the best director.

A longtime sex advice columnist gains popularity against the backdrop of a ban on comprehensive sex education in schools in several Indian states.

A fable about a man who is cursed to live on earth for 3000 years like Ashwathama in the Mahabharata. He lives as a te acher, Kunjuni and finds himself so frustrated by the prevailing customs and orthodoxies in his milieu that he becomes an alcoholic and begins to lead a dissolute life. Trying to reform and to become like ‘other people’, the respected scholar marries but his virtuous wife (Savitri) turns out to be an epileptic and the man returns to his wayward behaviour, which means mostly drinking himself into a stupor.